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Dear friend:

Welcome to Platforms and Traffic! My name is Jack Simon and I want to give you a little secret when it comes to digital marketing.

Many people can make you a social media page. Many people can build you a website that looks “pretty.” But few people can build you an online system that actually sells and makes money.

Almost every day I get calls from business owners that thought they hired a web designer or social media manager, only to find him/her “ghosted” after a payment or two. The worst part is when I hear they’ve invested thousands of dollars… and never received a complete or working solution!

I started my web design company in 2011 because I needed a website and there was no good solution out there for me. Most of the companies that quoted me didn’t know how to actually make a profitable and successful platform. They understood the whole technical side (which seemed like a lot of jargon) but they didn’t understand the business side (which is what truly matters) because they had never done it themselves. They were brilliant coders, but they weren’t effective marketers. They lacked in things that matter to a profitable platform: S.E.O., Copywriting, Graphic Design, and Marketing that generate inbound leads, sales, and clients!

We specialize in building online systems and engineering social media marketing campaigns that fit your business to bring in predictable, quantifiable growth, month after month.

What most agencies never tell you is that you could have the most beautiful platform in the world, but if it is not set up for conversions or if you don’t get any traffic, you will never see a return on your investment.

That’s where we come in. Our team at Platforms and Traffic have done this before. We have made 6 figures online multiple times and know how to create websites that get results for our clients. We combine the technical know-how with real-world marketing and sales experience, to actually turn our client’s online presence into virtual cash machines for their businesses.

Will you be next?


CEO and Founder

Jack Simon

Our Services Will Help You

– Sell Products or Services
– Establish Credibility
– Promote Your Business
– Build Your Audience
– Book Appointments
– Collect Donations

Your New Website Will Include

– Custom Design
– Mobile Ready
– Content Management
S.E.O. Optimization
– Safety & Security
– Daily Backups

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