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Most entrepreneurs are struggling to manage their business presence online.

We get it. Running a business is hard.

You have a million more important things to worry about than your Facebook page.

But then a potential customer looks you up and sees your broken, outdated website and your social media is a ghost town – or worse – you don’t exist online!

Wearing all the hats every day is tough.

Managing your online presence doesn’t have to be.

You didn’t go into business to become a web developer or social media manager.

It’s time to say goodbye to your website frustration and social media struggles.

Hear from some of our happy clients:

Bob Marley’s harmonica player & legendary artist…

Lee Jaffe


Artist, Photographer, Author, Musician

The Bronx, New York

Patricia Possel


Political Leader

Collierville, Tennessee

Manuel Martinez


Owner, Maciel’s Tortas & Tacos

Memphis, Tennessee

Matt Lyles


Speaker and Podcast Host

Nashville, Tennessee

Janet Carpenter


Non-Profit Owner, Sophie’s Animal Fund

Dayton, Ohio

Charles Hamm


3x International Best Selling Author

Houston, Texas

We offer a full suite of marketing and branding services.


Website Design

Sales Funnels

Course Creation

Social Media Management

Running Advertisements

Expert Coaching & Consulting

Should We Work Together?

Some more of our happy clients:

Riaco Smith

Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

“Jack has helped turn my dream into an actual business with my coaching platform, He shattered my expectations through the roof. Within one week, we had over 660 subscribers and created over $10K in sales and residuals. I learned the proper way to launch a funnel with Jack. Jack taught me the proper way of engaging sales to customers through the internet.”

Jocelyn Brunotte

Owner, Mindbody Haus Yoga Studio

“Jack was so helpful in helping me revamp my business website. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I originally built it. I asked Jack to consult me on ways I could improve the site and he gave me a huge dose of inspiration and a list of tips on how to make it more modern. He is passionate about his work and because of his skill and expertise, our site looks completely different now. It has a much fresher and more efficient vibe. He helped me give it a serious upgrade and his consultation has really made a big difference.”

Jordan Rogers

Owner, Tiger City DJs

“Jack and I worked together on my website and within a month I ended up on the front page of Google. Jack’s expertise in this area took my sales up 25% or more. I highly recommend Jack’s services.”

Billie Jo Starrett

Owner, Dixie Queen

“I met Jack through a mutual friend that knew I was needing a website for Dixie Queen. He came up with creative ideas to maximize our revenue and generate new leads. Jack showed us how to utilize social media to expand the Dixie Queen brand.”

Giovanni Caravello

Owner, Little Italy Pizza

“Before working with Platforms & Traffic we didn’t have a website and we needed one for online ordering. Platforms & Traffic made it easy for us to focus on our business while he worked to get our brand online. The new website increased our sales by 10% and now we have a great looking website for our customers. I would recommend Platforms & Traffic’s services to anyone because they are the best!”

Amber Valdovinos

Partner, The Medicare Exchange

“Met Jack via a Facebook group, reached out to see if he could help our company with a landing page we were having troubles with, and was not disappointed! He was great to work with, very responsive, and he definitely knows his stuff. We will continue to work with him because of the stellar service and great personality.

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March 2024.


From the desk of Jack Simon:


Dear Business Owner,

Are you stuck in a digital dilemma with your $1 million+ business? Let’s change that.

I’ve boosted 100+ businesses like yours, adding an additional $1 million in profits.

I specialize in solving your business’s digital problems: unproductive websites, silent social media, and ineffective ads.

Our proven strategies will turn your online struggles into strengths.

A powerful online presence is non-negotiable today.

In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is as critical as a your physical storefront.

Yet, for many entrepreneurs like yourself, navigating the complexities of the digital world has become an overwhelming challenge.

Even if you’re not yet at $1 million, I have solutions to elevate your digital game.

Improving digital engagement directly boosts your bottom line.

Our partnership is all about results, not endless costs.

Imagine: Your website sells non-stop, your social media is booming, and your ads hit your targets every time.

Are you ready for your transformation? A 15-minute call with me could be the start.

This experience will not just be eye-opening; it may potentially redefine how you perceive your entire business’s digital potential.

Embrace the opportunity to revolutionize your online presence and turn those digital dilemmas into unparalleled growth and profitability.

Best regards,

Jack Simon

Founder, Platforms & Traffic


P.S. The digital landscape is evolving rapidly. Don’t let your business fall behind. Partner with us and take your business to the next level. Book a call to get started today.

Bottom Line: We Help Local Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Accomplish 3 Things.

Get More Customers

Generate More Revenue

Experience More Freedom

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for me?

Imagine having a website you’re proud of, that not only makes you look like a rock star, but more importantly, makes you money and grows your business. That’s what we do for you.

We bring you more freedom to focus on what you do best, rather than worrying about algorithm changes and content creation. Our done-for-you social media management will give you relief from the daily social media grind.

I'm new to Jack. Why should I go with him?

If you’re just finding Jack Simon now, congratulations! You’ve found the hidden unfair advantage of many local business owners and entrepreneurs. Jack has been building websites and businesses online for 10 years and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars through the internet.

He specializes in web design and development and has built hundreds of websites.

More importantly, he is going to focus on you and your goals so you can get the most success from our partnership.

What's the difference between Platforms & Traffic and other agencies?

One of our mottos is: If we build a successful relationship, the money will follow.

We are in this for the long term. Many agencies are fly-by-night freelancers.

We’ve been in the business for years and have 30+ active clients.

Do you have any examples?

Of course! We design every website to look beautiful on all platforms and devices. Here are a few examples from our current clients: – Restaurant – Coaching Program – Travel

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